How to Increase Your Haunt’s Sale By 60% starting September this year?

Imagine your haunt visitors buy one of these
after their tour…

From: Season Import

Re: wholesale premium Halloween products

To haunt owner:

If you want to jump your haunt sales by 60% in addition to the ticket sales from September to October, then this is the most important letter you’ll ever read. 

Economists predicted that 2021 alone is going to see an incredible surge in post-pandemic spending (aka. pent-up demand” ) during the 2021 holiday season, creating a situation that could hugely benefit themed parks/activities like haunted houses. 

Your haunt will be packed for sure. But the question is how can you squeeze every penny out of visitors’ wallets. 

The answer is…upsell them with premium high-margin items after their haunt visits.

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    About Season Import

    ✅ We are the direct importer of premium Halloween products and we’re the supplier of a few party supplies stores. 

    ✅ Season Import has various overseas partner factories. All products are checked for quality, and then imported and shipped to our in-network retailers at amazingly low factory prices.

    ✅ We will always remain the backbone of your enterprise. Whenever you’re out of stock, you can order from us any number of products, any number of times you please, with a mere $100 minimum order requirement.

    Leftover inventory? No problem, we accept items back.