Why Us?

We understand the needs of today’s busy retailers because we’ve invested time and effort into studying and keeping abreast with the exciting and ever-evolving patterns of consumer trade. The sourcing and importation of merchandise can be a challenging and time-consuming process to anyone, so our role as a proactive agent between multiple producers and you could make all the difference to your business. That’s why our company has developed an extraordinary service for our clients that comprehensively covers all aspects from sourcing the finest seasonal and holiday products from around the world to making them readily accessible to discerning entrepreneurs like you.

1.Premium-quality products

Unlike other wholesalers whose commitments begin and end with merely sourcing wholesale goods for customers, we at Season Import have made it our business to be in constant touch with reputed factories around the world, keeping an eye out for first-class holiday products at the best prices.

2.Highest wholesale discounts and highest retail margins

By building long-term relationships with trusted manufacturers, we’ve always been able to clinch huge volume discounts on factory prices–the benefits of which are directly passed on to you. As a result, you could look forward to easily selling your items for about 2 to 3 times the wholesale rate!

3.Multiple inbound shipments with the most trendy seasonal products

Another important reason why Season Import is able to offer you the most contemporary, popular, and high-quality seasonal products and gift items is because we have inbound shipments several times a year, thus eliminating the need for stocking unnecessarily large inventories. All you need to do is place your orders 60 days in advance, sit back, and let us handle the rest. Your items will reach our Chicago warehouse within 30-40 days and will be despatched to you within the earliest possible timeframe.

4.Streamlined process

We handle all the export/import processes

5.Flexible payment terms

$100 is the minimum order requirement. We understand the challenges faced by brick-n-mortar retailers, especially from the impact of COVID-19. Therefore, we support our retailers so that you can restock whatever, whenever, and however many you want.